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6 Ways For Your Teen to Have Clear Skin

The key to treating acne is to understand the underlying reason for it. Is the acne hormonal, bacterial or caused by inflammation related to diet? These are just a few reasons why acne may be occurring. Here are 6 things your teenager can do to help control their acne. #acnetreatment #acneremedies #tennskincare

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8 Ways You Can Revive Your Skin After a Sleepless Night

Getting enough sleep is an extremely important part of your skin care routine. But don't worry if you have a few sleepless nights. When you do encounter a rough night, it shows on your face the next day. Here are 8 ways you can revive your skin and make it look and feel better than it did.

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Salicylic Acid vs Gycolic Acid - What's the Difference?

Salicylic Acid and Gycolic Acid each offer great benefits for your skin. Learn what each can do and then decide what is the best choice for your skin type. #exfoliate #anitaging #skincaretips #collagen #howtogetridofskinscarring #skindiscolorationremedies #unevenskintone #howtogetridofacne #unclogpores # psoriasisremedies #dissolveblackheads

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