Why You Should Use Sky Essentials Ultra-Light Hydrating Fluid If you Have Sensitive Skin

Why You Should Use Hydrating Fluid if You Have Sensitive Skin - Is your skin oily, sensitive or acne prone? Then you need to treat it gently and with the right products, Find out why you need hydrating fluid for your type of skin. #skincare #skincaretips #sensitive skin #oilyskin #acne #hydratingfluid #hydrate

If your skin is oily, sensitive or acne prone SKY Essentials Ultra-Light Hydrating Fluid is great to balance the skin and clear acne. The second most important step in your skin care routine, after cleansing, is to hydrate. The occlusive nature of this hydrating fluid works by forming a thin film on the surface of the skin to prevent loss of moisture. Hydrating your skin allows for moisture to be restored on the skin giving it a fresh look.

This light sheer surface refining fluid can penetrate deep below the surface of the skin as it delivers continual hydration that last for hours and keeps skin comfortably moist all day or all night.

Ultra-Light Hydrating fluid helps reprogram the skin to hold more moisture as it targets moisture at a cellular level where it's needed most. It hydrates instantly without oil, it is lightweight and won't clog pores. It also protects, refines and smooth in seconds. Here are also 6 Tips to Help Prevent Acne.

Dexapanthenol, an active ingredient in the ultra-hydrating fluid, acts as a super moisturizer rehydrating at a cellular level. To complete the moisturizing process sodium hyaluronate recharges skins moisture levels by binding 1000 times its weight in water to the skin surface restoring comfort in seconds. This ultra-sheer barrier protector instantly smooths even the roughest complexion refining texture and matting shine for hours. If you are prone to it, you should learn how best to control oily skin. The ultra-hydrating fluid is dermatologist tested, toxic free and no animal testing has been done.

To obtain the most ideal results gently massage a moderate amount of lotion our freshly washed again. You can also warm a dime size amount of fluid between your fingertips and likely pat and press into skin to prevent redness or friction during application.