6 Tips to Help Treat Acne

These 6 tips to treat acne can help keep your skin clear and healthy. #skincaretips #howtogetirdofacne #healthyskin

1.   Skin health and gut health are intimately linked. Eat foods that contain probiotics for a healthy gut and for a positive effect on your skin. Honey has a great affect on clearing acne.

2.  Cinnamon is great both internally and externally. Cinnamon is high in antioxidants and a great antimicrobial agent. So, sprinkle extra cinnamon in your oatmeal or mix it into a  hydrating mask for an antibacterial effect.

3.  Cleanse your skin both morning and evening. Our SKY Essentials Biocleanse Cleanser is ideal for acne prone skin. It contains both Rosehip oil and Borage oil which have anti-inflammatory properties that can improve your skin.

4.   Get regular facials. Even though you have a good home care regime, a facial provides a much deeper clean and allow for extractions to be done by a skin care professional.  

5.   Make sure you change your pillow case out every three days. Dirt and oils from your face accumulate on your pillow case making it a free for all for bacteria.

6.   Never go to be with your makeup on! No matter what time of night or how tired you are going to be with makeup on is not only bad for your skin but can age your skin as well.