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Effective. Efficient. Affordable.

Your bathroom mirror may make it hard to believe sometimes…

But your skin has what it takes to look healthy, gorgeous, and youthful. It just needs the right care and nutrients to make it glow.

The problem?


For lots of reasons, skincare often feels harder than doing your taxes: 

  • Many products contain harsh chemicals, parabens, unsafe colorants, and other toxins that you don’t want anywhere near your skin or body

  • Skincare can be an expensive game, with many products costing hundreds of dollars each

  • Products that claim to give you great skin can often be complicated to use, which is the last thing you need with your busy schedule

  • A lot of them don’t even work. 

If you’re wondering why skincare can’t be clean, effective, affordable, and simple, you’re not alone.

For years, I was asking the same questions. 


Hi! I’m Yasmin Sharifi, the Founder of SKY Essentials Skin Care.


Although my passion for skincare and beauty spans decades, I wasn’t blessed with naturally flawless skin the way that some women are.

Instead, I had a number of concerns about my skin (just like you do), and I struggled to find products that truly worked. You see, I wanted products created from clean ingredients that made my skin feel healthy and look radiant. I also wanted an easy daily skincare routine that didn’t cost a fortune. Unable to find the skincare I’d been craving for years, I created my own by launching SKY Essentials Skin Care, a botanically-derived skincare line that makes beauty clean, effective, affordable, and simple.


Where did my passion for clean, affordable beauty come from?

As a Persian-American child, I spent hours in my mother’s New Jersey salon, where she worked as a professional makeup artist. Despite using major luxury brands, such as Chanel and Shiseido, my mother was a firm believer in the power of clean beauty and always advocated that less is more. I didn’t know it at the time, but these guiding principles would become core values of my SKY Essentials Skin Care line.

Watch this video to learn more about me and what I do.


After earning both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nursing from California State University Dominguez Hills, I enjoyed a successful medical career in Southern California.

Working alongside cosmetic, orthopedic, cardiovascular, and neurological surgeons, I earned my Certification in the Operating Room (CNOR) and worked my way up to become the Director of Surgical Services for major hospitals in Orange County and Los Angeles. Still passionate about beauty, I soon began carving out time in my schedule to assist prominent cosmetic surgeons in Beverly Hills and Newport Beach, California, with cosmetic procedures. And 30 years after my journey first began, I launched a new chapter in my medical esthetics career by founding Sky Salons & Spas, a beauty destination for gorgeous hair and skin.


While building my salon and spa brand, I expanded my knowledge of esthetic approaches and learned how to create results that help people feel their best.

Leveraging this knowledge and my experience in the cosmetic operating room, I developed SKY Essentials Skin Care, a skincare line designed to produce real results for real skin concerns. Although I originally created the line to have clean, effective, and affordable products to use on my own skin, my estheticians and spa clients have fallen in love with SKY Essentials, and so have many people across the country.


Whether your goal is to brighten your complexion, look younger, or simply enjoy healthier skin, SKY Essentials makes getting the results you want clean, affordable, simple, and above all, possible.

Make today the day you stop buying pricey, ineffective products and start feeling confident in your own skin again.

Explore my affordable, botanically-derived, science-informed skincare products now.

Yasmin Sharifi